I’m a mom of four kids ranging from infant to middle schooler. I also have a busy clinical psychology practice. While I love to travel, I hate to pack! That’s why I started OneBox.

The average amount of time a typical mom spends planning what to pack, buying what to pack and then actually packing it is probably longer than the first day of vacation. In fact, travelers list packing as the second highest travel stressor. That’s not OK! 

The clothes I can get through. It’s the toiletries and the odds and ends that cause the stress. You know the toothbrushes, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, etc. It’s difficult to find safe brands you trust in travel sizes, which is essential for the growing number of us who want to travel with only a carry-on and avoid checked baggage fees (and lines!), or the markup of buying them at our destination.


And this doesn’t even account for the environmental cost of travel-sized bottles and discarding half-used containers bought on vacation that can’t be transported back home.

So, I came up with a solution that works great for my family and now I want to share it with your family. This is how OneBox Travel came to be.